Wellness centre

  • Private wellness - sauna, relaxing heated benches, Kneipp baths and shower cubicle with jungle rain
  • Guests can take advantage of our honesty bar with a selection of hot and cold beverages.
  • Relaxing massage and cosmetics to order 24 hours in advance on phone +420 271 751 940

Private wellness and Massage

Private wellness for 1 - 2 persons (max. 6 persons)

60 min. / 1.100 CZK or 90 min. / 1.450 CZK, each additional 30 min. / 350 CZK

Private wellness at hotel Selský Dvůr can be reserved for 1 to 6 people and offers Kneipp baths, massage spray shower with tropical rain, Alps waterfall and Scottish shower. A Finnish sauna and a relaxation room with heated benches and a starry sky are also available. Guests can take advantage of our honesty bar with a selection of hot and cold beverages.
The price for 1 - 2 persons is 1.100 CZK / 60 minutes or 1.450 CZK / 90 minutes. The price for every additional person is 250 CZK.


Sport & Therapeutic Massage

60 min. / 1.100 CZK or 90 min. / 1.600 CZK

Massage aimed at removing tiredness, pain and blockages in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine that are caused by stress, sitting for prolonged periods in front of a computer, driving a vehicle etc. By using physiotherapy techniques, special oils and products, we remove the muscle fatigue even after prolonged exertion. The massage is performed according to the muscular condition of the client.


Relaxing massage

60 min. / 900 CZK or 90 min. / 1.200 CZK

Relaxing massage calming the whole body as well as soul, performed by numerous slow and gentle strokes


Detoxification honey massage, honey therapy

60 min. / 950 CZK

An ancient and time-tested healing detoxification method. Massage utilising excellent effects of honey and compression strokes. Deposits and poisons are removed from body tissues.


Lava stones

60 min. / 1.100 CZK or 90 min. / 1.500 CZK

Inducing wonderful feelings of relief, affecting energy paths in the body with their vibration and heat, perfectly relaxing stiff muscles. Wholesome influence on the mind.


Hot chocolate massage and wrap

90 min. / 1.500 CZK

Procedure with a wholesome influence on skin, smoothing it, and removing cellulite. Removing toxic substances and relaxing stiff muscles, with positive influence on heart activity.


Sugar breeze from paradise

75 min. / 1.500 CZK

The initial sugar cane peeling removes dead cells and deeply cleanses clogged pores. In the next step, coconut milk combined with coconut oil is applied, followed by a relaxing massage.


Fiji ritual

75 min. / 1.500 CZK

Deep hydration and nourishment of skin with vitamins A, B, C, and E. Starting with deep cleansing of pores and removal of old skin with coconut cream peeling. Hydration, nourishment, and deep treatment of damaged skin with a body wrap.